Our Collections

Latest update with our collection . . .

Read the latest news about our extensive quilt collection. 

Thank you to Ann Durgan and our volunteers for their painstaking work documenting and evaluating all of the quilts in our collection.


For the last few years, our Curator, Ann Durgin, and her crew of volunteers have spent hundreds or hours cataloging our enormous collection of photos, documents, letters and so much more. We hope to publish the catalog online in the near future. A collection of genealogy records are also available with an appointment.

Costume Collection

The collection consists of over 400 garments –men’s, women’s and children’s – hats, shoes, gloves, fans and other accessories. Two examples on display are a WWI uniform worn by Harry Gillis and daytime or garden party dress once worn by Florence Bryant, circa 1895.


The museum houses many interesting treasures from days gone by. You can come visit to see many pieces of antique furniture in the collection, as wells as quilts, books, pottery, cookery, portraits, paintings and much more within the many rooms of the Holt House. Some rooms still have Moses Eaton style stencils on the walls.

Dolls and Toys

Many children’s toys and dolls have been donated by town residents throughout the years.  It is often surprising how similar the old toys are to new ones. But you will quickly notice how they were made with care and intended to last.

Tools of the Trade

In the early days of Blue Hill, lumber was an important commodity and saw mills were located throughout the area. Granite quarries also became a large part of the town’s history. We are fortunate to have some of the tools of these trades and more.

Maritime History

Many of Blue Hill more prominent residents were ship captains of the large schooners of the day. Our collection has some models of these ships, some of the navigational equipment used aboard and some other fun relics of maritime life. 

Donations to Our Collection

The Society is grateful to the many who have donated items to the museum over the years. Treasures are added every year although we find we have to be very selective as we do not have the space to store everything we would like to. Contact us if you have an item that has a strong tie to Blue Hill history and you think would make an important addition to the museum.