Our current exhibit at the Holt House Museum explores the dresses and their associated undergarments that middle class women in Blue Hill might have worn during the period 1840 to 1940. 


Undergarments are an important part of a women’s clothing history. As outer clothing is often an expression of how women wished to be seen in public. Undergarments, originally designed to be utilitarian in purpose, also changed with the prevalent styles. 


Come visit our special exhibit running now through the end of the our season in September.

August 31 - September 4

Blue Hill Fairgrounds on Ellsworth Road

The Blue Hill Fair is a true “Down to Earth” Country Fair. Always scheduled around Labor Day weekend the fair boasts of some of the finest entertainment, attractions, and exhibits. Situated in the small coastal town of Blue Hill, Maine, at 233 Ellsworth Road, the Fair draws thousands from all over the state to enjoy a fun-filled weekend.