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Mary Ellen Chase House
This 2.5 story Greek Revival building was built in 1842 by Joseph and Thomas Y. Davidson, a father-son duo, who also designed the building based on the popular designs of architect Asher Benjamin. Davidson...
Thomas House
Joseph P. Thomas house, otherwise known as the “Littlefield House.”
This two story Greek Revival building was built by Joseph Parker Thomas in 1839 as a home for him and his wife, Melinda (Holt) Thomas. Joseph Thomas had an array of careers while living in this home, starting...
George Steven's House and the Academy
Starting with “Squire Stevens Homestead”, this two story Federal-style home was built by George Stevens (1775 – 1852), son of Benjamin Stevens (1732-1793) and Hannah Varnum (1736-1805)...
The House that Thomas Lord Built
This 1847 Greek Revival home on Union Street is a showcase of skills by local architect Thomas Lord (1805 – 1880), who is credited with bringing classical motifs seen in Ancient Greece architecture...
Merrill & Hinckley
This familiar and iconic, three story building with a mansard-style roof was built by Captain Melatiah Kimball Chase in 1880 on Union Street. The street, once known as the “road to Orland”, was once lined...
Wescott Forge
Blacksmiths were the beating heart of early colonial communities, providing the skills to fashion shoes for oxen or horses while mending broken iron tools. As shipbuilding took off as an industry, blacksmiths...
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