Would you like to volunteer? We have many worthwhile projects that may interest you:

  • Transcribe original documents and enter them into our database
  • Work on Elizabeth Wescott’s genealogy files
  • Construct new up-to-date signage for displays
  • Redecorate the costume room; repair old dresses, change displays
  • Design and produce new exhibits, including the Carriage House
  • Take charge of garden designed by Ruth Austin
  • Join our Blue Hill Historical Society committees
  • Participate in planning and producing Christmas activities
  • Obtain taped interviews relevant to local and regional history
  • Be a summer tour guide
  • Write grant proposals
  • Help to obtain funding

If you’re interested in volunteering,  please write to us at
The Blue Hill Historical Society P.O. Box 710 Blue Hill, ME 04614
or email us at BlueHillHistoricalSociety@gmail.com