The 2019 Blue Hill Historical Society Lecture Series

“Three Musical Themes, Two Authors and the Gold Rush

Wednesday, May 29th hosted at the Kneisel Hall concert room, sponsored in association with the Jonathan Fisher House and the Bagaduce Music Lending Library:

Blue Hill’s Music History in Three Periods: Jonathan Fisher, Franz Kneisel and Jazz

(Three speakers plus a musical performance for each period.)

Wednesday, June 19th hosted by the Blue Hill Public Library:

A Sense of Place: Rediscovering Mary Ellen Chase

University of Southern Maine Professor Emeritus Joseph Conforti is well known for his books and studies on New England history.  He will talk about Blue Hill Author Mary Ellen Chase and how her work reflects the history of the region.

Thursday, July 11th hosted by the Blue Hill Public Library:

From Blue Hill to California, Rushing for Gold in 1849-1855

Thousands of men, and a few women, left Maine to join the California gold rush.  Cultural historian and writer Jan Eakins will trace some who left Blue Hill, discuss their journeys west, their lives in California, and the ones who returned.

Tuesday, July 23rd hosted by the Blue Hill Public Library:

Castine, Paris & Blue Hill: Author Katharine Butler Hathaway’s Life

Cultural Historian Dr. Abby Clouse-Radigan encountered the writing of Katharine Butler Hathaway, author of “The Little Locksmith,” during her summer visits to Castine. She is currently researching the author’s biography. The historic home where Hathaway wrote her acclaimed memoir is located in Blue Hill.

Please watch for more information in the local papers and at the Library!